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Please watch this space for more Frequently Asked Questions about copyright.

Adaptation - Do I need permission to write a screen play based on someone else’s novel?

Copying - Can I use someone else’s work in my work if I alter at least 10% of it?

Copying - Has a painter infringed copyright in my photograph by reproducing it as a painting?

Copying - I’ve bought a CD and my friend wants to burn a copy. Is this allowed?
Copyright notice - What is the standard form of copyright notice?

Films - Can I include images of artistic works in my film?

Films - Can I include quotes from literary works in my film?

Films - I am making a film and want to include music on the sound track. Do I need to get permission?

Ideas - Does copyright protect my ideas?

Ideas - I have an idea for a novel. How can I make sure no one else uses it?

Infringement - What are the penalties for copyright infringement?

Infringement - What can I do if someone has infringed my copyright?

Internet - Can I print or download material from the Internet?
Internet - Is everything on the Internet in the public domain?

Logos - Are logos on product packaging protected by copyright?

Names & titles - Can I get copyright protection for my band name?
Originality - If my work is inspired by an existing work, is my work protected by copyright?

Overseas copyright - Is my work protected by copyright overseas?

Ownership - Can I reproduce work I have done for clients to include on my website or in my portfolio?

Ownership - If a client commissions me to take some photographs, but doesn’t pay me, do I own the copyright in the photos?

Ownership - If a client pays me to produce some design drawings, but the work is never completed, who owns the incomplete work?

Ownership - Do I need permission to make copies of a photograph I own?

Ownership - How can I prove I am the copyright owner?

Ownership - If a client commissions me to make a sculpture, but doesn’t pay me, do I own the copyright in the sculpture?
Photography - Do I need permission to photograph a building?
Photography - Do I need permission to photograph a random person on the street?

Proving infringement - How can I prove that someone has copied my work?

Public domain - What does “public domain” refer to?

Quotes - I'd like to know what the rules are regarding using well known short quotes on our website
Registration - How can I register my copyright and how much does it cost?

Reporting infringement: Can I report copyright infringements to the Copyright Council?
Research or private study - Do I need to acknowledge the source when I copy an extract for research or private study?

Showing films - Can I screen a film at a social club function?

Time-shifting - Can I record a television program to watch at a later date?

Translation - Can I translate a book into another language without permission?

Websites - Do I need permission to upload a copy of a photo onto my website?

Websites - Can I put copyright material on a website without the copyright owner’s permission?

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