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Glossary of Terms
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Glossary of Terms

This glossary sets out the meaning of words or phrases commonly used in copyright law.

Please watch this space as we will be adding to the glossary.


A "sufficient" acknowledgement in relation to a work means an acknowledgement which identifies the work by its title (or other description) and the author (not the copyright owner) of the work.
In relation to a literary or dramatic work, includesó

(i) A translation of the work from one language to another:

(ii) A version of a dramatic work in which it is converted into a literary work or, as the case may be, of a literary work in which it is converted into a dramatic work:

(iii) A version of the work in which the story or action is conveyed wholly or mainly by means of pictures in a form suitable for reproduction in a book, or in a newspaper, magazine, or similar periodical:

In relation to a literary work that is a computer program, includes a version of the program in which it is converted into or out of a computer language or code or into a different computer language or code, otherwise than incidentally in the course of running the program:

In relation to a musical work, means an arrangement or transcription of the work.

Artistic work
Means -

(i) A graphic work, photograph, sculpture, collage, or model, irrespective of artistic quality; or

(ii) A work of architecture, being a building or a model for a building; or

(iii) A work of artistic craftsmanship, not falling within the above two categories; but

Does not include a layout design or an integrated circuit within the meaning of section 2 of the Layout Designs Act 1994.

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