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The Copyright Tribunal

Certain disputes about licences allowing the copying, performing and broadcasting of works may be heard and determined by the Copyright Tribunal.

Some proposed or operative schemes for licensing and some licences themselves can be referred by an interested party to the Copyright Tribunal, which decides whether the scheme or the terms of the licence should be varied or confirmed.

Any person who believes that a copyright owner has unreasonably refused to grant a licence for the copying, performing or broadcasting of a copyright work may apply to the Tribunal.

The Tribunal decides whether the applicant is entitled to a licence and on what terms. This only applies where the copyright owner has set up a scheme for licensing the use of copyright works.

For more information, see the Ministry of Justice website.
The Copyright Council of New Zealand was incorporated in 1983 as a non-profit society to provide copyright and cultural based industries with a range of services including an interface with Government. It currently has 22 members representing a wide spectrum of copyright creators and owners.
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