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Ban on parallel importation of films extended


The Copyright Act 1994 bans the commercial parallel importation of films for 9 months from the date the film was first released. The ban is due to expire on 31 October 2013.

The Copyright (Parallel Importing of Films) Amendment Bill gives effect to the Government's decision to extend the ban in modified form. The ban will be extended for 3 years. The modified ban will prohibit the parallel importation of films for 5 months from the film's release date.

A ban of 9 months is no longer necessary because the gap between New Zealand film release dates and international release dates has reduced since the ban was originally imposed. Five months will protect the cinematic screening of films from competition with parallel imports and provide sufficient time for film distributors to determine appropriate release dates for films.

The ban will be extended for 3 years because this will give the film industry time to finish converting to digital exhibition technology and ensure that the film distribution model reflects developments in the market for films, particularly online.

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