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This section covers copyright owned by everyone.


On Creative Commons

Frequently Asked Questions

Reporting infringement: Can I report copyright infringements to the Copyright Council?   Quotes - I'd like to know what the rules are regarding using well known short quotes on our website
Names & titles - Can I get copyright protection for my band name?   Photography - Do I need permission to photograph a random person on the street?

Ownership - If a client commissions me to take some photographs, but doesn’t pay me, do I own the copyright in the photos?

  Ownership - Do I need permission to make copies of a photograph I own?

Photography - Do I need permission to photograph a building?
  Ownership - If a client commissions me to make a sculpture, but doesn’t pay me, do I own the copyright in the sculpture?
Ownership - If a client pays me to produce some design drawings, but the work is never completed, who owns the incomplete work?

  Ownership - Can I reproduce work I have done for clients to include on my website or in my portfolio?

Registration - How can I register my copyright and how much does it cost?

  Ownership - How can I prove I am the copyright owner?

Ideas - Does copyright protect my ideas?

  Copyright notice - What is the standard form of copyright notice?

Originality - If my work is inspired by an existing work, is my work protected by copyright?

  Overseas copyright - Is my work protected by copyright overseas?

Proving infringement - How can I prove that someone has copied my work?

  Copying - Has a painter infringed copyright in my photograph by reproducing it as a painting?

Ideas - I have an idea for a novel. How can I make sure no one else uses it?

  Translation - Can I translate a book into another language without permission?

Films - Can I include images of artistic works in my film?

  Films - I am making a film and want to include music on the sound track. Do I need to get permission?

Films - Can I include quotes from literary works in my film?

  Adaptation - Do I need permission to write a screen play based on someone else’s novel?

Case Studies

Copyright infringement –photographing and commercialising public sculptures   Copyright ownership – design drawings made by employee
Moral rights - Artist’s integrity right backed by Indian court    

News Items

Karaoke business owner jailed for copyright infringement
Reporting Copyright Infringement
Revised Google Settlement
Opt-out deadline for Google settlement extended
Commissioning Rule Amendment Bill no longer on agenda
Artists’ Resale Right rejected
English language schools in Spotlight for Breach of Copyright
Commissioning rule to be repealed
The Commissioning Rule - Second discussion paper
Inside man found guilty of theft and copyright charges
Resale royalty right to be considered
Pirate Internet Downloader Sentenced to $21,000
Pirate Internet Downloader Sentenced to Community Service, Pay Damages
Copyright, contract and the commissioning rule
NZ Movie Pirate Sentenced to Two Years Imprisonment

Information Sheets

Copyright for sound recordings   Infringement of copyright: what should I do?
Film & television producers   Songwriters & composers
An introduction to copyright in New Zealand   Copyright (New Technologies) Amendment Act 2008
Public administration   Photographers
Visual artists   Writers
Moral rights    

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