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Creative Industries

"Creative Industries" covers copyright owned by architects and chartists among others.

Frequently Asked Questions

Registration - How can I register my copyright and how much does it cost?

  Ownership - How can I prove I am the copyright owner?

Ideas - Does copyright protect my ideas?

  Copyright notice - What is the standard form of copyright notice?

Originality - If my work is inspired by an existing work, is my work protected by copyright?

  Overseas copyright - Is my work protected by copyright overseas?

Photography - Do I need permission to photograph a building?
  Ownership - If a client pays me to produce some design drawings, but the work is never completed, who owns the incomplete work?

Ownership - Can I reproduce work I have done for clients to include on my website or in my portfolio?


Information Sheets

Infringement of copyright: what should I do?   An introduction to copyright in New Zealand

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