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Radio, Television, Film

"Radio, Television, Film" covers copyright owned by broadcasters, directors, dramatists, film studios and producers among others.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ownership - How can I prove I am the copyright owner?

  Overseas copyright - Is my work protected by copyright overseas?

Films - Can I include images of artistic works in my film?

  Films - I am making a film and want to include music on the sound track. Do I need to get permission?

Films - Can I include quotes from literary works in my film?


News Items

Inside man found guilty of theft and copyright charges
Pirate Internet Downloader Sentenced to $21,000
Pirate Internet Downloader Sentenced to Community Service, Pay Damages
Copyright, contract and the commissioning rule
NZ Movie Pirate Sentenced to Two Years Imprisonment

Information Sheets

Infringement of copyright: what should I do?   Film & television producers
An introduction to copyright in New Zealand   Copyright (New Technologies) Amendment Act 2008
Moral rights    

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